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chris buck & friends

December 10, 2021 at Creekside Theatre

by Miles Overn

Nashville Style Writers Round

chris buck bringing something of nashville back to kelowna

some of the okanagan's best singer/songwriters

each took turn telling the stories behind the songs, and then singing the songs themselves

many of kelowna's best musicians in the audience

Chris Buck | Photo copyright (c) 2021 Miles Overn Photography

Chris Buck

Chris Buck | Photo copyright (c) 2021 Miles Overn Photography

Chris Buck

All photos copyright (c) 2021 Miles Overn Photography

Jeff Johnson | Photo copyright (c) 2021 Miles Overn Photography

Jeff Johnson

Teigen Gayse | Photo copyright (c) 2021 Miles Overn Photography

Teigen Gayse

Andrew Allen | Photo copyright (c) 2021 Miles Overn Photography

Andrew Allen

Andrew Judah | Photo copyright (c) 2021 Miles Overn Photography

Andrew Judah

A First, and Perhaps a First Annual

December 13, 2021 - by Miles Overn

Canadian country artist and singer/songwriter Chris Buck, who recently moved to Lake Country, returned this week from another trip to Nashville and brought a little of their tradition back with him.

The writers round has become more than just a rite of passage for aspiring songwriters of all genres, it has also become the stuff of legend. I suppose it is the formalized version of the old "guitar pulls" that many artists and writers have been part of for decades; gathering in green rooms, backstage at festivals, and on tour buses across North America and likely all over the world.

Writers young and old, new to writing or seasoned veterans, have been making the pilgramage to Nashville for as long as Music City Row has been there. Country artists as iconic as Kris Kristofferson mentions it in his classic "To Beat The Devil" song. Some stay for awhile and then return home. Some put down roots and become part of the writers scene. All hone their craft in the crucible of showing their stuff in the presence of others pursuing the same artistic and career goals.

For fans, writers rounds provide an intimate look into the hearts and minds of the people who write the songs that they've come to love. Each writer takes a turn at telling the story behind the song they're about to sing, followed by singing that song with all those new insights still fresh in mind.

Chris Buck invited four very talented writers from the Okanagan to participate in this hopefully first of many such events. Joining him on stage were Coldstream's Jeff Johnson, Kelowna's Teigen Gayse, Vernon's Andrew Allen, and Kelowna's Andrew Judah. Each of these singer/songwriters have written hits that have recieved national or broader air play, and they took turns telling their stories and singing their songs.

After a little discussion as to what the night would bring, Buck handed the stage to Jeff Johnson, who got the ball rolling with the "Duet" song he wrote for Wes Mack. He would follow that in later rounds with "Sometimes I Do" and "Alcohol You." Teigen Gayse would offer up "Married By Now", "Blame The Wine" and "I Don't Wanna Fall In Love Anymore." Andrew Allen got into his ‘How I See It’, ‘Favorite Christmas Song’ and ‘Time’ songs. Andrew Judah would present "Tear Me to Piecesm", "Primrose" and "Not Much Changes."

Chris Buck would play a couple of yet to be released songs, along with "Leave Your Light On."

The added impact of hearing the stories behind the songs was felt deeply by many audience members, with some moved to tears as songs took on even deeper meanings. The casual format, the turn-taking and song-making and chance-taking of artists being vulnerable as they shared perhaps previously hidden details that may have gone otherwide undetected or unnoticed drew each attendee in, and into the worlds of the tunesmiths, and they were welcome to bring what they were to these artists creations. It is indeed the magic of music and of songs.

It was good to see some of Kelowna's top musical talent there, including veteran stars and writers like Julie Masi and Delphine Litke, and new-comers like Nevaeh Dyson, all there to partake of the gifts being offered.

None of it could have or would have happened without the efforts of Stingray's and New Country 100.7's Peter Angle, Creekside Theatre manager and singer/songwriter Ryan Donn, and of course Chris Buck. I have heard their dreams and visions of where they would like to see this go, and I'm hoping it becomes so.

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