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Hailing from the Central Okanagan in the interior of British Columbia, N.F.A. is The Dance Rock Band that features the talents of the renowned Guillermo "del Toro" on the keys & vocals, Greg "Gigi" Gaspari on lead guitar, Adam "MadMan" MacGregor on bass and vocals, with and Jay "JAGostino" Agostino rounding out the rhythm section on drums, adding his whiskey-induced voice.

N.F.A. band members have been featured sharing the stage with Foreigner, Trooper, Wild T and the Spirit, Alanna Myles, and David Lee Roth.

Born in the heartland of Canada, del Toro is a third-generation musician. Inspired by the musical talents of his grandfather, Ben George, del Toro spent many of his weekends as a small boy going to the cities and towns of the countryside, listening to his grandpa's band, and dancing with his grandma. Having taken a brief hiatus from performing to go to university to learn his craft, he once again found his balance and joined up with N.F.A.-the Dance Rock Band-to help entertain, and of course be entertained, because as del Toro is often heard saying: "Life's too short!"

Some of his credits include joining up with "Duct Tape", "Rock 'n' Horse", "Die Tryin", "Trudy Jane and Ridin' Shotgun" and "The Blue Healers". Rumours also abound that he was lucky enough to jam with a members from Bon Jovi, Loverboy, Trooper, and Paul Rogers, while stupidly giving up the opportunity to do a gig with "Lynyrd Skynrd".but you will have to ask him about that yourself!

Scott McFadyen (aka “Scotty”) has spent more than half his life becoming deaf in front of a Marshall cabinet, which bodes well for us! Craving the attention that the girls never game him during his formative teen years, he immediately was drawn like a moth to the flame of the stage spotlight to attract their attention. Living by the motto of “If you’re not sweating, you ain’t playing hard enough,” he has opened for such bands as ZZTop, Nazareth, Trooper, Sweeny Todd, and many more. Not even the biggest stages can control this manic, as he will regularly jumps off the riser to join his fans and serenade them with his sonorous voice of love. You must see him perform to believe it, as he is “next level” for sure!

Born and raised in the interior of B.C., Scott has always been motivated to be a true professional drummer, and despite graduating high school with impressive grades, he went on the road and toured across Canada with several hard rock/pop bands of acclaim, such as “Mama Kin”, “A Little Bitter”, “Hands of Cain” and “Crush”. Upon returning to the Okanagan, Scott has been much sought after for his attributes of professionalism, even-keel demeanor, and reliability with a steady groove and diverse repertoire. Amongst his many accolades, he has performed and recorded with such local musicians/groups as “Gone West”, “Steel Toad”, “Easy Fix” and the incomparable “Leah West”, just to name drop a few. As the strong backbone of N.F.A., the bar has again been raised!

Adam: As a result of Adam's lack of action on giving me his bio, I took the liberty of doing the best I could: he plays bass guitar. He can sing. He apparently has a wife named Leanne, but we have yet to meet her. He likes cats. After reading that he became motivated and produced something to write about: Starting at 10 years old he was taking private lessons and playing in the school band (too bad it wasn't the bass, right?) He got his first job as a music teacher at a local Calgary guitar store. He worked his way into the Jazz Performance Program at Mount Royal College, and then jumped into a touring country music act. Now he travails with with N.F.A., MASK (Musical Actors and Singers of Kelowna), and the yet to have met wife, Leanne.

Bill Clarke of NFA | Photo copyright (c) 2021 Miles Overn Photography

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Venues they have played:

Forbidden Spirits
Longhorn Pub
The Blue Gator
The Blue Grotto
The Vibrant Vine


NFA - The Dance Rock Band at Forbidden Spirits

Evening Concert on the Patio

July 17, 2021
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