Michael Daniels

Country Singer/Songwriter

Michael Daniels is a Canadian country music singer/songwriter, originaly from Saskatchewan, who now lives in West Kelowna, BC.

Constantly surrounded by country music on the radio through his parents love of the country stars who were big during his growing years, Michael has always loved the style and became hooked on playing it when he learned his first 3 chord country tune.

Michael lists artists such as Mark Chesnutt, Garth Brooks, Randy Travis and George Strait as major influences.

Michael recently released another track he recorded in Nashville that is getting radio play now. He is also currently working with BCCMA winner Jeff Johnson on a new single going to radio in January of 2021.

Michael Daniels, through his continued writing, recording, and performing, is a very visible part of the country music scene in Kelowna.

Michael Daniels | Photo copyright (c) 2020 Miles Overn Photography

Where to Catch Him

Where to Listen

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Venues Michael has played:

97 St Pub
Calgary Stampede
Cavendish Beach Festival
Creekside Theatre
Ironwood (Calgary)
Marmalade Cat Cafe
OK Corral
Summerland Waterfront Resort
The Roxy (Vancouver)
The Vibrant Vine
World Petroleum Congress in Bahrain
Numerous Parks Alive! Venues
Westside Daze
Music in the Park
.....and many more
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