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for those nights when you don't want to cook or go out.

discoveries through the years

from old stand-bys to new favourites

The whole Covid pandemic thing has forced us, or allowed us, depending on your point of view, to rethink the way we do just about everything. That has led to some adjustments that contained wonderful surprises inside. Not the least of those is stumbing across some local eateries that really know how to pack a meal for take out.

What follows is a series of anecdotal accounts of chances on new restaurants that paid off with delicious surprises along with tried and tested eateries that simply feel like "coming home."


Old Stand-bys are places that I've eaten at or taken food home from for years.

New Discoveries are ones that I have only tried since the pandemic started wreaking havoc on the whole dining out scene.

Driving Time is how long it takes to drive, or walk, from the restaurant to wherever I go with the meal.

Old Stand-bys

Papitos on Pandosy

driving time - 6 minutes

Yes, it's a takeout pizza joint and they're supposed to travel well, but not all pizzerias manage to pull it off. Consistenly good through the years and the current situation hasn't had any negative impact.

J-Wok on Gordon

driving time - 2 minutes

J-Wok is in easy walking distance for me, so unless they're insanely busy it usually means placing the order, putting my shoes and jacket on, and strolling over. The quality along with the size of the meals are both very good for the price. They offer a number of combos as well as individual dishes to mix and match. I've taken to splitting a combo rather than trying to eat the whole thing in one go on my own.

Bamboo Chopsticks on Carrington

driving time - 2 minutes

Have dined in many times, but taken things to go at least as often. My go-to meals here are their 3 Colour Vermicelli Bowl and their Salad Rolls. I don't make it out to the west side much anymore, but boy if I did....!

New Discoveries

Made In India on KLO Rd.

driving time - 5 minutes

Had eaten from here once before, but hadn't in awhile. We ordered their Butter Chicken along with some Naan bread. It was still piping hot when I got it home and tasted great. The tomato sauce was perfect, not too creamy and not too thin, and the chicken was cooked perfectly.

C-Lovers on Highway 97

driving time - 12 minutes

I had been aware of this place for years but had never tried it before. Boy am I glad I did. Not only did it become my favorite fish & chips place on the first try, but these people really know how to wrap it up so it is still steaming hot when you get it home. Somehow they manage to keep it from leaving even a trace of smell in your vehicle but still provide an explosion of aroma when you unwrap it at home or wherever you're taking it. Have ordered from them again many times since then and never been disappointed.

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