Doc Willoughby's

353 Bernard Ave, Kelowna, BC

Phone: 250.868.8288

Doc Willoughby's has been one of the hottest clubs for rock music in Kelowna for decades. It's located right downtown on Bernard Ave. It's a relatively small pub that serves great pub fare. They have a tiny stage that they manage to squeeze rock bands onto on a regular basis, and they also have an equally small mosh pit / dance floor in front of it which in normal times is often packed to the gills. These aren't normal times, so they're doing things a little different for now, but they are back to bringing in bands to provide a little live music a couple times a week.

Upcoming Events

NOTE - The COVID-19 pandemic and the provincial emergency delcaration have put a hold on live music performances in Kelowna and across BC. As such, we encourage you to verify with Doc's regarding any upcoming shows that we have listed here on this page.

Artists that have played at Doc Willoughbys include Al Lukas, Amistad, Ancient Engines, Andrew Judan, Bag-O-Beetz, Belvedere, Big John Bates, BridgeHill, Bush Party, Coal Davie And The Rockabillionaires, Cobra Ramone, Conroy Lee Ross, Cowpuncher, Damn Fools, Dan Maxon, Dan Tait, Deepsounds, Devon Coyote, DJ Invizible, Elizabeth Shephard, Face To Face, Flowshine, Fudunkafunk, Gleneagle, Good For Grapes, GrimSkunk, Guttermouth, Hachey The Mouthpiece, Head Of The Herd, Jeff Piattelli, Jonas & The Massive Attraction, Josh + Bex, Kytami, League Of Wolves, Little Destroyer, Living With Lions, Lucky Monkey, Mindi Beach Markets, Mr M, October Poppy, One Bad Son, Paul Flek, Poor Young Things, Raygun Cowboys, Red Eye Empire, Repartee, Roberto Styles, Rolla Olak, Shockload, The Blue Stones, The Brains, The Carbons, The Creepshow, The Feels, The Gentlemens Club, The Hilties, The Nix Dixons, The Resignators, The Rockies, The Statistics, Tiger Moon, Where We Wonder, Whiskey Songs, Wild Son, Willhorse, and Zoo Lion.

Doc Willoughby's

353 Lawrence Ave Kelowna BC V1Y 6N6