the eiKelowna team

in words and pictures

virtual headquarters

eiKelowna, and parent company global eidentities internet, have been a virtual organization since our inception back in 1999. Company founder Miles Overn lives here, so I suppose that makes Kelowna the physical center of our virtual crew. It's a great place to call home.

As our flagship online property, eiKelowna enjoys all the benefits of full access to every person in, and all the digital assets of, the parent company. Some of those people are listed below.

the team

miles overn

in Kelowna

founder, music photojournalist

has previously been a concert promoter, a venue manager, a booking agent, a roadie, a soundman, and a gigging musician. Miles is also an internationally recognized Internet expert, having been awarded Microsoft MVP status on Internet technologies 14 years in a row, and has represented them, their technologies, and the developer community at developer conferences and events around the world.

peter grainger

in West Vancouver

head of content creation and acquisition

building on a decades long career as a broadcast journalist, Peter brings his experience, expertise, and insistence on quality to global eidentities as a whole and to eiKelowna here in town.

peter grainger profile

duane overn

in Edmonton

photographer (western canada)

recently discovering the challenge and excitement of concert photography, Duane brings his decades of shooting auto sports experience into the live music world. He has shot for global eidentities here in town as well as his home town of Edmonton.

jason a bermiller

in Kamloops


radio host, university instructor and music reviewer, Jason writes pieces that showcase his knowledge of music as well as his passion about the topic.

jason a bermiller profile

savannah bagshaw

in Kelowna

music photojournalist

concert photographer, concert reviewwer, album reviewer, interviewer and journalist, Savannah writes pieces about major touring artists and local bands.

savannah bagshaw profile

the community

that means all of you

music fans, venues, musicians and bands, sponsors

absolutely not possible to do any of what we do without you, and, everything you do for and with us is hugely appreciated.