where are they going?

what our major site redesign means for you

As part of our major site redesign, which reflects a return to what led us to develop the site to begin with, we are either moving or retiring some sections. Please bear with us as we either integrate items that were origianlly here into the menu system, or alert you to which ones we are letting go and why. Thank you for your patience.


A lisitng of hotels and motels in the area.

where to stay while you're visiting Kelowna

Places to stay will soon be under a new menu item labelled "Stay". In addition to making the listings easier to find by placing them on that top menu, we are also integrating individual hotels with event and venue listings in order to help visitors find places to stay that are close to why they're coming to town.


A directory of pages about specific communities within and surrounding Kelowna

what different parts of Kelowna have to offer

Each community within and around Kelowna provides a unique set of living conditions and proximity to specific attractions and amenities. These pages are intended for new residents to the city as well as those considering relocating here.