Nils Loewen

Folk Blues Jazz/Rock Pop

After studying classical guitar for a B.A. Major in Music in Winnipeg, Nils rented a cello and took it out treeplanting to learn around the campfire. He quickly found that every folk band already had a guitarist but always welcomed a cellist, so a cellist he became.

In 2014 a one-man-band called Windborn (Jeff Pike) from Kelowna toured through Winnipeg and invited Nils to join the band. While the duo toured extensively through BC and Alberta, Kelowna became Nils' new home base. A fan in Alberta once told Nils: "I don't know anything about music, but I love how you play that violin!".

Since then he has become a regular in the Okanagan music scene. His main projects are Swamp Honey (Blues), Mountain Sound (Jazz/Rock), and Fiddle Big Fiddle (Classical/Pop). His musical influences are Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, and Snarky Puppy.

Nils Loewen at Westside Days | Photo copyright (c) 2017 Miles Overn

Where to Catch Him

Where to Listen

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Nils Loewen at Red Bird Brewery | Photo copyright (c) 2020 Miles Overn Photography

Venues Nils have played:

Doc Willoughby's
Dream Cafe
Dunn Enzies (Mission)
Fireside Festival
Marmalade Cat Cafe
Okanagan Crush Pad
Red Bird Brewery
Revelstoke Luna Festival
Sandhill Winery
The Vibrant Vine